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I've recently implemented a custom ticket rule to automatically assign tickets based on user labels based off of this post. Everything seems to be working (assigning to people who have the "GenSup" label but do not have the "Out of Office" label), but some people are complaining that the management of the user labels on their accounts is too much effort.

Is there a way to limit the BATTERUP query to only include actively logged in users instead of having to depend on the OOO flag?

Barring that, is there a way to simplify User Label management?

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  • I don't think that the appliance tracks if a user is logged in or not, but I can't be positive. I looked at the various user tables and don't see a field that indicates it, at least.

    Unfortunately, the API doesn't have an endpoint for managing user labels, either. That leaves you with trying to use a service desk rule to manage user labels, which would be dicey.

    The only other thought I have would be to create an asset type that stores out of office information and tie that to your technicians. The API can be used to update an asset, or custom ticket rules could be used, too.

    It is an interesting issue that has been submitted to User Voice:

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