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SMA and Dell Command | Update

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I think I am missing something. We are trying to use the SMA to manage system updates. However, our workstations are getting Dell Command | Update and running updates themselves. This is conflicting with the SMA recommendations. Yet I cannot figure out how to disable DCU from within KACE so KACE can handle them, and I do not have access on the workstation due to PCI restricted configurations from Group Policies.

Any ideas? I appreciate thoughts as I continue to research.

Thank you.


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  • I believe I found my own answer.

    DCU was not in the Software Catalog. So I have added it and marked it as NOT ALLOWED. This should prevent it from running and allow our Kace Dell Updates system to manage updates from now on.

    I am still unsure how to manage future version, as I had to add all the versions that were installed. But it is a start.

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You also have the option to remove DCU as kace does not depend on it to install Dell updates.

I suggest scripting an uninstall for DCU, if your department agrees.

Answered 12/31/2019 by: kbot_cache
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  • That will be the next step. Baby steps to make sure we do not do anything that upsets the users. Thank you.