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If 'force inventory' button is clicked, the status is changed to "Agent has been asked for updated inventory information. To refresh this page press [here]." It never completes.  The usual troubleshooting techniques (runkbot 4 0, runkbot 2 0, AMPTools restart, AMPTools uninstall then re-provision) get us nowhere.  I've enabled debug on identical macs that inventory is updating on and those that it isn't and the logs look the same.
Kace tech support looked at the logs and responded stating that the following lines mean the agent is loosing its connection, but the same appears in agent logs that are updating fine:
[AMPAgent:ConnectionSetEvents    ] Setting connection callback for WRITE
[AMPAgent:ConnectionSetEvents    ] Setting connection callback for READ
Then I haven't heard back from them... so at kind of a loss on this one.  Nothing in our environment changed accept an update from 6.3 to 6.4.  Macs that were on 6.3 checked in fine, after the upgrade, many, but not all, no longer update inventory.
Any suggestions welcome...
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Forgot to come back and answer this after we resolved the issue.  Turns out it was because I changed the Default Logo image for the Agent Alert in General Settings.  The logo was apparently given a hash and so any agent that was out there would fail checking in for (false) security reasons.  I removed the Agent Alert logo and all went back to normal.  Not sure if Kace fixed this bug yet, but I've still not re-applied our logo customization because of the problems that caused.
Answered 08/04/2016 by: kpm8
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