I have activated SSL on my K1000 appliance (port 80 and 443 enabled). My K1000 appliance is now reachabl from my internal companies network on a private ip-address and also from outside the company network via a public ip-address which is forwarded on the firewall and routed to the internal one.


All is working well, the only thing is, when you go to the URL of application (https://heldesk.mycompany.com) you first receive an HTTP error 500 Internal Server error. When you click the refresh button of your browser it opens up correctly. Whether you access the site from the internal network or from the public internet, it is always first time HTTP 500 error -> refresh -> ok.

Does anyone have any suggestion on how I could tackle this annoyance?


Thanks in advance



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  • does it do this with all browsers or just one?
  • Could the cookies or history need to be cleared on the machine?
  • It does this with all browsers and on all the computers.
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