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I'm trying to install silently Dragon Naturally Speaking 13. I create a mst file which I add serial number, remove the EregInitialize from the the CustomAction and InstallExecuteSequence tables. But when I enter this command lines, it's doesn't work.

Command lines: setup.exe /s TRANSFORMS="setup.mst" /qb

Can you help me please!
Thank you!
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Command line should be like this

/v"<msiexec options>"

For example:

setup.exe /s /v"TRANSFORMS=setup.mst /qb"

Note : There should not be any space between /v and "TRANSFORMS

Answered 07/28/2015 by: jagadeish
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  • I did this, but when I'm trying to deploy Dragon, after process Managed Installation in Distribution, I can't see the package in this directory C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\downloads on the computer wich I'm trying to deploy the software.
    • what does KAgent.log file says?
      • it says:
        [2015-07-31.09:07:39][KUserAlert:CGradientBackgroundT<] KUserAlert Found and using Custom logo
        [2015-07-31.09:07:39][KDeploy:DownloadUsingCurl ] DownloadFile(http://k1000/packages/7969/Dragon%20%20naturally%20speaking%2013.zip, C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\downloads\7969\Dragon naturally speaking 13.zip) response code error (404):
        [2015-07-31.09:07:39][KDeploy:KCopyFile ] Error (cURL) copying files from 'http://k1000/packages/7969/Dragon%20%20naturally%20speaking%2013.zip' to 'C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\downloads\7969\Dragon naturally speaking 13.zip': (404) Unknown error
        [2015-07-31.09:07:39][KDeploy:DownloadPackageFileFromK] DLPkgFrmKBOXtoKaceDLdir: FAILed to KCopyFile (err=404d). exit 2
        [2015-07-31.09:07:39][KDeploy:DownloadPackageFileFromK] DLPkgFrmKBOXtoKaceDLdir: UNABLE to download package [http://k1000/packages/7969/Dragon%20%20naturally%20speaking%2013.zip] (no alternate found).
        [2015-07-31.09:07:39][KDeploy:CMIPackageMgr::InstallSw] KDeploy InstallSwitch (MI): package download failure, or missing 'full command' if MI is a .zip file
  • Does your zip file have 2 spaces between 'Dragon' and 'naturally' ? That's what it appears to be looking for, but cannot find.
    • and response code error (404) means - file not found
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    • Thank you kalucas, it's why I couldn't deploy the package