We are, or rather we were using K1000 to patch Windows-clients at lunch time. After alot of complaining from users that they didn't get a chance to react to the snooze prompt we had to disable this. 

We're now planning on running the patches by night, in which case we would like the computers to shutdown after patching is complete. 

I'm guessing this have been done before, but couldn't find a suitable answer/thread here at ITNinja. 

Since there doesnt seem to be any easy option to set this in the patch-schedule im wondering how we would best approach this? 
Is there an Event ID logged in the Windows-client which we could use to trigger the shutdown? 

Since patching is kinda crucial and may lead to a corrupted Windows if abrupted we're not comfortable just setting a certain time to shutdown all computers. 

Thanks in advance! 

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  • There is no way to have the patching engine shut down the system. You would have to use scripting as well to target machines to show down at a certain time.

    You could vote it up at the user voice forum

  • Just schedule a script to shut down the machines a reasonable time after patching is complete, or if you want to be really precise, set the time allowed to patch in the deployment to 2 hours and then schedule your script to run 2:15 afterwards. The functionality is all there already ;o)
  • Any suggestions on what the script should trigger off nshah?

    We'll try make use of the "end after" functionality and trigger the script shortly afterwards.

    Thanks for the replies!
  • Just use the default script "shutdown a windows system" schedule it to run a reasonable time after patching starts, would that work?
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