Looking for advise on how to generate 1 PDF Report via the scheduler, that would have report A on page 1 and report B on page 2.

I have 1 report for average ticket time, and one report for total tickets listed.  My manager is wanting both in 1 PDF rather then have to get 2 emails every morning with 2 separate PDFs.

This is rather boiled down scinerio, but if it is possible, that would open up alot of options for generating report packages for management.


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  • Easy! Send both reports to you, combine PDFs then send to manager, presto!
  • I don't think KACE supports this. Unless you can craft one report that includes all of the data your manager needs to see then they will have to receive separate emails.

    You can always try submitting this as a feature in the KACE user voice forum and see if others are supportive.
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