We have the Dell Kace ticketing system in place, and we've imposed an auto warning message to notify users who do not respond to their ticket within 7 days. This simply states that we've not had a response, and unless they respond within the next 7 days, the ticket will expire and automatically close. However, we've had a number of instances whereby users have had the 7 day warning, then responded to the ticket, but the status of the ticket has not updated and the expiry date has not been reset. We're then unaware of the users response and after another 7 days, the ticket has then closed automatically. This doesn't happen with all tickets however.

Has anybody experienced this, or could anyone offer any advice?

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  • Are you using a custom rule to set the expiry date? If so, then it sounds like your rule isn't updating the expiry date when the ticket is updated by the user.
  • There was also a bug in 6.3 that meant when you logged the ticket the Due Date was set, changing any other value in the ticket then sets the due date back to a Null value. You may be experiencing that issue
  • Thanks for the help guys. We've some minor changes to our custom rules, and will monitor the issue going forward. I'll let you know the outcome!
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