I have this annoying thing going on

 I have a MSI product where the User have pinned a shortcut to the Process line.

If I replace the product with a new version of the same product and same start EXE and program location.

 The pinned shortcut when activated try’s to rerun the installation of the old version of program


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  • That's probably because the shortcut was, in Windows Installer terminology, an "advertised shortcut". WI sees that the EXE (etc) that the shortcut was referring to is missing and sets about repairing it, exactly as intended.

    You need to replace the shortcut with one from the new installation (probably buried in the 'Start/Programs/[Vendor_name]' tree) or create a new, unadvertised one.

    You can easily tell if it's advertised or not, as the 'Target' for an advertised shortcut doesn't contain the path to the EXE, but the name of the product.
  • I think you have a god point, the shortcut is actually a advertised shortcut, thank you for the fast reply
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