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I have an application where the shortcuts works in the win xp and not launches in the win7 i mean to say that it flashes and goes in the win 7 platform.there is no issue with the permission because i have given full permission.when i go to programfiles and double click onthe exe it is also flashes and goes.so can some one help me what are the approches i have to do.

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What is the the shortcut target?  Is is pointing to C:\Program Files\Mystery App\mystery.exe

On windows 7 does the shortcut target correlate to where the .exe gets installed. That is has it been redirected to C:\Program Files (x86)\......\.... and the shortcut has not mapped to it

Answered 12/18/2012 by: oreillyr
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  • The shortcut is an advertised shortcut and the shortcut is pointing to the programfiles(x86)and the exe is also in the (x86)....

I would suggest to create a new shortcut in your MSI and point to the file from there. It maybe beacuse of the folder path which is hardcoded.

Answered 12/18/2012 by: piyushnasa
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hispeed typing indeed... ;-)

WXP: Shortcut works, Exe Works

W7: Shortcut does not work, Exe works?


Answered 12/18/2012 by: jaybee96
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  • are you referring to an MSI installer?
  • What is the application?
  • it is omni workstation
  • In win7 exe is also not working.Can i try with shims will it works ??
  • May or may not be

Have you tried to run the Application (EXE) as Administrator?  

While you may have given full control to the Program Files.  The Program Files may require access to system DLLs that the user does not have permissons to.  If the EXE runs fine when you Run As Administrator you have a permissions problem.

Answered 12/18/2012 by: Trinity
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Create a new shortcut for the target exe and check it in standard user first and then in Admin as well

Answered 12/19/2012 by: jagadeish
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  • What is the working directory of the existing shortcut..