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setup capture tools

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Hello, are there any freeware tools out there that let you do a down and dirty setup capture?  I need to run a setup capture on some Windows XP workstations.   I need to be able to capture what changed in the registry when I modify IE settings.


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  • Thanks, I downloaded this but I don't see any option to run a Setup Capture It wants either an .MSI file as the "setup file location" or it wants an .XML file for the "recipe file location"

    I just want to take a Snapshot of my C: drive, make a few changes, and then take an After snapshot and see what the difference is. Can this tool do that?
  • You can probably "trick" it into doing that. Just point it to ANY setup.exe at the first step (you might could even create a blank text doucment and just save it as setup.exe). Then after it takes a snapshot, make your changes, and then tell it not to run the setup. I haven't really used it that way, but I would imagine it's possible.
  • try with "InstallRite" tool. and there is another freeware to generate MSI (speedpackaging.com)

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You can use the AppDeploy RePackager available here on ITNinja: http://www.itninja.com/blog/view/the-appdeploy-repackager

Answered 03/05/2014 by: BHC-Austin
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If your just looking at registry changes, have a look at RegShot, it can scan for "changed"  files as well, but its main function is registry changes.
I highly recommened it.


Answered 03/06/2014 by: rileyz
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You can use EMCO Software for 30 days which is easy to use.




Answered 03/05/2014 by: hjansari
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I've used InstallWatch many, many times for this task.

Answered 03/06/2014 by: VBScab
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