I have a script I want to run on a certain day at a certain time but it is not running at all. I have it setup as an Online Kscript and it is Enabled. The script works fine if I click Run Now but it won't work if I schedule it to run at a later time. Not sure what I could be missing here. Does anyone have any advice on how to make this work?
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  • Are you running v6 of KACE? Under "Scripts" - when you select your script - you should be able to scroll down, and there is a section called "Schedule".

    Did you already set it to run at a given interval there - and it's just not working correctly. Or didn't you actually define a schedule at the "bottom" of the Script page?
  • can you post a screen shot of the script?
  • Is the script "Enabled"?
    • Is the checkbox checked to "Allow Run While Logged Off"? Is it running "as Local System" or "as User logged in to console"?
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