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Hi all,

Does anybody know if it is possible to add a fixed signature in the comment section?

As a workaround i am currently using a predefined response template which i manually select all the time but it would be time saving if this could be made default somehow.


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  • Do you actually want the signature in the comment, or do you want it in the message sent to the user when a comment is added?
  • I would prefer to have it in the comment itself.
    • This would be possible using a custom ticket rule, as far as I know. I would have to dig into it a little more to be sure. Would you want a fixed signature just for your comments specifically, or for all comments?
      • I would like to have it for my own comments and also my other IT colleagues, so basically all the ticket owners.
    • Same exact signature for everyone or customized?

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It's not possible currently. You can raise a uservoice request for it.


Answered 01/24/2019 by: AbhayR
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