After upgrading to 5.4 I am noticing the Service Desk "View By:" drop down is missing item when using Chrome.


Has anyone noticed this? missing "This Queue" and my owners list. 



If I open the Service Desk in Internet Explorer I am seeing more fields.


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  • Hi young020,

    I had the exact same issue as you were after upgrading to v5.4. I found that myself and the other Service Desk Staff could only view Mine and Unassigned, or Unassigned jobs.

    After a little bit of digging I found that in the Service Desk->Users section all of us in the Service Desk Staff group had the Default Queue set to All Queues.

    I found that if i went in to each Service Desk User and changed the Default Queue to IT Support Service Desk (the name of our Service Desk Queue) then we could all see everyones jobs again!

    I hope this makes sense? Give it a try and let me know! (Oh and i am using Chrome and it works ok!)

  • Just realised this has already been answered! D'oh! Ignore me!
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After some more research the problem I was expericing was due to the addtion to default queues with the 5.4 upgrade.

We do not use queues and the system did not put any of our users in the default service desk queue. To get the missing drop downs like owner we have to manually move our users into the queue. 

Answered 02/18/2013 by: young020
Black Belt

  • Go to Service Desk>Users. Select the user. Then change the Default Queue to whatever your default queue is.
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Where those custom views that you had before?

Answered 02/15/2013 by: Timi
Seventh Degree Black Belt

  • no the screenshot is highlighting Owner not Custom View above it. I only have 1 custom view but it is showing up.
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Has support had you apply any K1000 patches after the upgrade to 5.4?  If not, there is one in particular that might help with this.

Otherwise, 5.4 SP1 will be released in a couple of weeks and it might resolve it as well.

Answered 02/15/2013 by: jknox
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And Kace doesnt officially support Chrome..

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x +, Mozilla Firefox 3.x +, Safari 3+

Answered 02/15/2013 by: jdornan
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