seq on App-v 5.0 HF4::::

I am trying to sequence Oracle ODBC Driver 11g using Micosoft appv 5.0 hf4 but its not capturing odbc drivers properly , registries under HKLM hive looks fine i compared with source installation. i opened (in VE after publishing appv app) odbcad32.exe under c:\windows\syswow64 checked for oracle odbcdriver , it was displaying properly.

odbcad32.exe-> selected system dsn->clicked on add (create new data source opene)->selected oracle odbcdriver entry->clicked on finish, its opening the next window (oracle odbcdriver configuration window). under TNS service name it should populate the entries from tnsnames.ora file which is located at server location. which i have configured in registry key HKLM\software\wow3264\<oraclehome>\TNS_ADMIN with value "path to tnsnames.ora" file.

issue 1:but its not populating in VE when i published app-v 5.0 package. does not show any error, it shows blank.

Issue2: when i clicked on "test connection" its not opening "Oracle odbcdriver connect" it shows error saying 

"Unable to connect
Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 998 (Oracle in OraDb10g_home1)"

path shows from c:\programdata\<guid>\<guid>\root\oracle\.....\sqora32.dll" where in the file exists at the path.Hence i decided to sequence on App-v 4.6 sp2 and converted to appv 5.0!!!

now the issue is the service named "OracleMTSrecoveryservice" in Virtual bubble is not starting . it shows automatic. when i click to start it it shows the error" the parameter incorrect" and error 1053: the service did not respond to start or control request in a timely fashion.

in source automatically the service gets started as soon as i finished the installation.

where in while sequencing with appv4.6 sp2 before clicking on "i am finished installation" i checked the service entry in services.msc .. it was not started even after finishing the source installation, when i try to start it still it shows error.

Can you please suggest does the app-v 5.0 or app-v 4.6 sp2 supports sequencing of Oracle ODBC driver 11g??

can you please let me know is their any sequencing recipe available for this?

Kindly please let me know to fix this issue if any!!


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  • I have always worked on the basis that apps which install services do not virtualise reliably as the virtualisation filter driver does not load early enough to be able to load other drivers in time. Of course this may change as virtualisation develops but I suspect you will not be able to virtualise this software.
  • Thanks for the reply. Yes as you said during sequencing also i am not able to start the service. i am planning to take a capture using installshiled and then sequence the captured MSI not sure whether it works!!
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