SDA - How to navigate to the $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR)


I was wondering how to navigate to the $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR) to see what kind of scripts and files have been put in there. When I navigate to my \\KACE_IP all I see is 'clientdrop', 'drivers', 'driver_postinstall', 'restore'. 

Sorry, I'm totally new to KACE. Apologies if this is a basic question but I didn't have much luck Googling the answer. 

Thank you

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Posted by: Nico_K 2 months ago
Red Belt

there is no $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR) on the SDA. You don't run endpoint scripts using an agent with the SDA.
You deploy your endpoints with the SDA.
All scripts you can find in the library of the SDA will be run under the user context you define in your  installation.
The scripts, you mention are part of the deployment process and should not be changed. Due to the error messages you report it seems to be more a driver issue or a problem with your install files.
I suggest to open a case with KACE support for that.

Kevin mixed the appliances, since all he said is true to the SMA.

  • Oh I think I understand now. I thought the $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR) was on the SDA somewhere. Thank you for clarifying that.

    I'll get a ticket in for the error messages I'm receiving.

    Thank you all for your assistance and education. :) - Babaganoosh 2 months ago
    • you are always welcome.
      I suggest to reach out to your sales rep for a detailed training on both appliances aside from the "free" trainings.
      See here: https://support.quest.com/kace-systems-management-appliance/training
      Some of the trainings are free (which is as a quick start into the matter very useful, we also use them in addition to other ressources for the internal training of new engineers) - Nico_K 2 months ago
Posted by: KevinG 2 months ago
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If you click on the question mark at the end of "Tasks (required) ?" on any Script Detail page will list the paths of the variables.

  • Oh nice, I see some path information:

    This is the folder where any script dependencies for this script are downloaded to the client.
    5.2+ $(KACE_DATA_DIR)\kbots_cache\packages\kbots\xxx
    5.1 $(KACE_INSTALL)\packages\kbots\xxx

    Looks like the scripts are stored in $(KACE_DATA_DIR). How do I navigate to that now? lol - Babaganoosh 2 months ago
Posted by: KevinG 2 months ago
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Listed on that same page.


Installation directory for executables, scripts, packages, etc. for older agents, this is mapped to $(KACE_INSTALL) Windows Vista and later: C:\ProgramData\Quest\KACE\ Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Quest\KACE Mac OS: /Library/Application Support/Quest/KACE/data Linux: /var/quest/kace

  • Excellent, thank you Kevin. Now we just need to figure out the root password lol. - Babaganoosh 2 months ago
Posted by: KevinG 2 months ago
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The paths listed are on the endpoints.  (Agent Devices)

Posted by: Babaganoosh 2 months ago
Yellow Belt

Thanks for your support Kevin, I really appreciate it. 

Please allow me to start over. 

I updated my SDA from version 8.2.158 to 9.0.144 to 9.0.145. I downloaded the new SDA Media Manager 9.0.23 as advertised from the SDA. I recreated my KBE on a non-domain joined and Anti-virus disabled laptop and uploaded it to the SDA, made it default for my SDA/RSA, and successfully PXE booted into my RSA. When I try imaging devices after the update, I receive the following errors during the post-installation tasks: