Most of the time when I fire off a run now script or update a package that needs to be replicated to other site it happens very quickly.  Nearly right away.

Occassionally like edit a script or deploy a script and it sits there for nearly an hour.  Is there anyway I can tell what is holding up the processing on the K1000?

Today's issue is I have a script configured with a small VBS file attached to run on about 200 computer.  I have used this same script a half a dozen times and whenever I performed the RunNow it would start cycling through all the computers.

Today I updated the vbs file and ran it and nothing is moving.  I went to Replication to see if the replication of the script to the remote sites was processing and it was about 45 minutes before that 1k script actually started replicating.  The Run Now task is still sitting there with 0 computers running.

How can I diagnose what is going on?

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  • the first question is: Applianceversion and agent version, how is the repl share configured, does it work if you pass the repl share?
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