I have a question about scripting shutdown.  I have a label created with about 90 PC's we want shut down every night.  We currently use a separate product for this (PSTools).  I'm wondering if I schedule the default script of Shutdown a Windows PC and apply it to the shutdown label if this will accomplish what I'm after?

I've read some things to where if the PC is already off, when the PC is turned on the next day, the script will try to run and shut it right back down?  

I only want it to shut down PC's that are on, and those that are alread off, just ignore.  Can anyone point me in the right direction so I can accomplish this through KACE?

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I just run a batch file through a script.  If a machine is off in the label, it does not run it the next time it is turned on.  Though I don't run it on a schedule, I usually run it from KACE after working on a group of machines.

shutdown /s
Answered 10/16/2012 by: sdnbtech1
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  • OK thanks. And it looks like that's what Kace actually runs, we just want to schedule it to get all PC's off at the end of the day. I just don't want PC's to turn right back off once they get turned on in the morning by the user. Thanks for the response.
  • If you are concerned, I would test out the scheduling feature with a handful of machines already off. Let the script run, once they are all off, turn on the machines that were already off and see what happens.