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Trying to use a script to install a software package of a MSI file.  Never tried this before, and not sure how to apply the /quiet or /log commands in the install args field as nothing I tried works.  

I have it working fine in Managed installs but I prefer to use script because I have a few other steps to take before the install.  

msiexec /i DocuSignPrintDriver3.2.1.msi /quiet log="c:\tmplog"

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  • think that's almost right. try the line below.
    msiexec /i DocuSignPrintDriver3.2.1.msi /quiet log="c:\tmplog.log"

    take a look at this following page. it gives a few examples, you might want to bookmark it.

    • Sorry, my question was not clear enough because my original screenshot did not make it. I re-attached if you can take a look.

      The MSI code I put in works, but I am trying to use the "Install a software package" function. I don't know how to break it down into the "install args" field to make the install quiet, etc.
      • The install software package will not "Install " software right away, that is just grabbing all the Software with a file attached from:
        "Inventory › Software"

        You still need to add your Install arguments:

        /quiet log="c:\tmplog"
  • just watch out on security issues on saving direct to C drive.

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Note: see comments from alphabeta above.

Just to add, when you are logging, it wont create the folder path for you. So make sure the path exists before you shove a log there. If you are unsure of a location, I would recommend "%WinDir%\Logs\whateversoftware.log"

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