I've been looking for a script that can detect what network drive were mounted, then remount the same drive again.
Is such thing exist ? I know it need a while loop chceking each pre-mounted network drive, and save the driveletter and path,
then remount it right away, then it will go to the next one, but I am kinda stuck as how would I be able to do that part,
does VB allow me to read the network path and letter and save it and use it right away ?

thanks !
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User-defined network drive definitions are stored beneath HKCU\Network, with the drive letter as the key. That key's RemotePath value contains the server name/share of the target. If that's not what you're after, does this help as a starting point:
Option Explicit

Dim objNetwork
Dim colDrives
Dim intCounter

On Error Resume Next

Set objNetwork = CreateObject("Wscript.Network")
Set colDrives = objNetwork.EnumNetworkDrives

For intCounter = 0 to colDrives.Count-1 Step 1
'objNetwork.RemoveNetworkDrive colDrives.Item(intCounter)
WScript.Echo colDrives.Item(intCounter)

Set colDrives = Nothing
Set objNetwork = Nothing
There is a collection of scripts which may help at http://www.computerperformance.co.uk/vbscript/index.htm
Answered 05/06/2008 by: VBScab
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Sorry, I am still a newbie at VBscript, but judging from the code,

you use a loop to go thru the network drives and removing it, then I am kind of lost.

Also, thanks for the tips on the HKCU\Network, my idea of the script is like the following.

a network drive is detected, store the driveletter and remotepath to each own value.
unmount the current network drive
Re-mount the network drive thst just unmount by using the stored value in driveletter and remotepath.

The part I can't quite figure out is how do you read the current driveletter and remotepath of the network drive you are removing and store the value for a the remount later on, that part just beats me.

In case you are wondering why I am doing this, because I just did a fileserver migration to the DFS, and all the current mounted drive can not access the file server unless I "refresh" them, which is remounting all the current drive :)

Thanks again for the reply and help !
Answered 05/06/2008 by: oxyi
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OK, there's a bit of work involved, mainly because you need to enumerate through registry keys, something which native VB Script cannot do. There is a registry class knocking about which, IIRC, is called cRegistry.VBS or cRegistry.cls. That has an EnumKeysAndValues method which populates an array (or it might be a collection...can't remember) with the keys and all values contained within that key. It's pretty straightforward to use. Don't be put off by use of the word 'class': all you do is add the code to the bottom of your script and use the properties and methods once you've created an object which uses that class. It's a lot simpler to just do it than it sounds.

Alternatively, you could still use the code I posted as a base and use a registry call to get the 'RemotePath' value's data, populating an array or collection with that data, using the drive letter as the index or key.
Answered 05/06/2008 by: VBScab
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sounds like a plan, I will try to use your code as a base and write my script on top of that.
I will post back once I got something solid.

Thanks again !
Answered 05/06/2008 by: oxyi
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