I'm playing with the script suggest in "Imaging Windows Tablets and Other UEFI Systems over the Network with Dell KACE". The script works very well as someone is log on the computer but nthing append while logg off.

All logs show that everything was done rigth.

here is the xml of the script :

Would I play with
execute disconnected="false" logged_off="true


Edit : remove invisible xml (2015-02-02)
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  • Your XML code is not displaying.
    • True, but somehow there are line end's :S
  • Sorry for the inreadable xml.

    I finally succeed with this way :

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <kbots xmlns="http://kace.com/Kbots.xsd">

    <config name="GILLES_RebootEtInstall" type="policy" id="148" version="1422632178" description="">

    <dependency name="/packages/kbots/148/WINRE.WIM" checksum="acc4c3209bd4629e283425f2cc3af5da" />
    <dependency name="/packages/kbots/148/kace4051.bat" checksum="a86d79fd7305aa31df18c2ed53f56c51" />

    <execute disconnected="false" logged_off="true">



    <verify on_failure="break" attempts="1">

    <launch_program path="$(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR)" program="kace4051.bat" wait="true" parms="" />
    <launch_program path="C:\Windows\System32" program="ReAgentC.exe" wait="false" parms="/disable" />
    <launch_program path="C:\Windows\System32" program="ReAgentC.exe" wait="false" parms="/SetReImage /Path C:\KACE\Recovery /Target c:\windows" />
    <launch_program path="C:\Windows\System32" program="ReAgentC.exe" wait="false" parms="/enable" />
    <launch_program path="C:\Windows\System32" program="ReAgentC.exe" wait="false" parms="/boottoRE" />
    <launch_program path="C:\Windows\System32" program="shutdown.exe" wait="false" parms="-r -t 60 -c &quot;reboot pour reintallation&quot;" />








    Hope this help.

    • Please apply the CODE style to the code. It's illegible as it is.
      • Oh wait...that can't be done in a 'Comment', only an 'Answer'...pfffttt
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