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I have a script for Flash Player that 1. uninstalls earlier versions, 2. installs current activeX, 3. installs the plugin, 4. copies the mms.cfg file. I would rather do this as a managed installation but am not sure how to do that.
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  • You can use patching. Create a label that looks just for the Full/Upgrade installer for Flash Player. Then create a patch deploy schedule. I happen to make a label that targets PCs without the current version of Flash. I would let the patching part of Kace handle Flash.

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I'm not sure that you can do that all as one Managed Install because you first need to define a custom inventory rule that will determine that your three things are in place (both Flash versions installed and the mms.cfg file is present).

We setup managed installs for the separate Flash players and I also have a custom inventory rule for the mms.cfg file. The managed installs are each setup with appropriate smart labels to get them deployed to computers that need the plugin installed. We also have Flash updates being deployed through patching, so once it was deployed to systems they are being kept up to date that way.
Answered 04/03/2012 by: chucksteel
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  • If our computers have different versions of Flash, is that a problem with the patches?

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What you could do is zip up all of the files together. Than create a bat script that runs through all your steps. For your install command you would call the bat. The trick like chucksteel was saying is you need to associate it to something. You could use the latest version of active x... That way if it was missing that, it would run through your commands.
Answered 04/03/2012 by: dchristian
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