I am trying to run below vbscript through stubpath:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components\mozilla firefox add-ons]
"StubPath"="C:\\Program Files\\mozilla firefox add-ons\\update.vbs"

Dim oFSO, oFolder, oSubFolder, i

Set oFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objshell = Createobject("wscript.shell")
struserprofile = objshell.expandenvironmentstrings("%userprofile%")
strpath1 = struserprofile & "\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles"
strCurrentDir = oFSO.GetParentFolderName(WScript.ScriptFullName)

if ofso.folderexists(strpath1) then

Set oFolder = oFSO.GetFolder(struserprofile & "\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles")

Set oSubFolder = oFolder.SubFolders



End if

For each i in oSubFolder

Path = struserprofile & "\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\" & i.name


strpath2 = path & "\extensions"

strpath3 = strpath2 & "\{b749fc7c-e949-447f-926c-3f4eed6accfe}"
strpath4 = strpath2 & "\{c4dc572a-3295-40eb-b30f-b54aa4cdc4b7}"
strpath5 = strpath2 & "\{8ea9957e-2953-402f-80e0-bceb5f169d6f}"

strfrom1 = strCurrentDir & "\{b749fc7c-e949-447f-926c-3f4eed6accfe}"
strto1 = strpath2 & "\{b749fc7c-e949-447f-926c-3f4eed6accfe}"
strfrom2 = strCurrentDir & "\{c4dc572a-3295-40eb-b30f-b54aa4cdc4b7}"
strto2 = strpath2 & "\{c4dc572a-3295-40eb-b30f-b54aa4cdc4b7}"
strfrom3 = strCurrentDir & "\{8ea9957e-2953-402f-80e0-bceb5f169d6f}"
strto3 = strpath2 & "\{8ea9957e-2953-402f-80e0-bceb5f169d6f}"

if ofso.folderexists(strpath3) = 0 then
oFSO.Copyfolder strfrom1, strto1, OVERWRITE_EXISTING
end if

if ofso.folderexists(strpath4) = 0 then
oFSO.Copyfolder strfrom2, strto2, OVERWRITE_EXISTING
end if

if ofso.folderexists(strpath5) = 0 then
oFSO.Copyfolder strfrom3, strto3, OVERWRITE_EXISTING
end if

But it is not working. It is opening "c:\programfiles\mozilla", which is not expected behaviour. After login if i run it manually then it is working fine.
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try replacing the stub path with the following:-

Cscript.exe //B //NOLOGO "C:\\Program Files\\mozilla firefox add-ons\\update.vbs"

As usual, copy the stub path and run it manually first to make sure it works. I tried it before (running a VBS via Stubpath) so it should work.
Answered 09/16/2009 by: PackageExpert
Blue Belt

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If you're including this in your package, you could always make Windows/Windows Installer work for you, of course, by changing the registry value to use the relevant directory property.

Let's say there's a property called 'add-ons'. Make the entry read Cscript.exe //B //NOLOGO "[add-ons]update.vbs" Now you have catered for installations where the user chooses to install programs to, say, E:\Apps, as well as obviated any issues with paths with spaces in their names.
Answered 09/17/2009 by: VBScab
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