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I have an issue with a task sequence when building computers , the .wim and driver pack are taking hours to deploy during the build. I have re-distributed them all good and chcked the internal speed of the remote DP. This ame task sequence works normally on all other distribution points. I ahve checked the dp settings and they are the same as others and boundaries are all good. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

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  • Is the any unusual activity being flagged in the following log files?
    DistMgr.log & PkgXferMgr.log
    • Just that the remote site is comi g back to primary site dp for constant even though its redistributed out fine to the proper onsite dp and I've disabled all fallback, no matter what I do
  • Sounds as if there is a problem with the boundary group and relationship by virtue of the fact it's defaulting to the primary site DP. Task sequence location priority goes in the following order

    1- Peer cache source
    2- DP in the current boundary group
    3- DP in the neighbour Boundary group.

    You could try removing the boundary and recreating?

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