I have an MSI that must be "pushed" via user, instead of system. I know the MSI works, I just seem to be missing something in SCCM 2012. (Althought I don't considermyself a newby, I know I'm missing something simple.)

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If you cannot get SCCM to work push the msi via GPO to the users

Answered 07/17/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • this may make it more interesting
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I'm not familliar with SCCM but maybe the following link will help you.

It allows you to run any program as the current logged on user.



Download link:  http://software.bigfix.com/download/bes/util/RunAsCurrentUser-

Answered 07/18/2012 by: paul.theelen
Orange Senior Belt

  • Excellent Idea, and I'll use this for other things, but it won't work in my case because the "users" I'm pushing to are locked down really hard. But I appreciate the input.
  • If the user rights are locked down, you are going to have problems with most apps (if you require installing with user rights). The install would literally have to only install files and reg entries in the user space (user profile, hkcu etc).

    If you explain what you actually need to do, we can advise ways to install per system context but still get the results you need.
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What is there in the MSI that you have to push it as users?

SCCM always uses system account to install the applications and MSI can only be run in elevated privileges.

You will have to modify the MSI in such a way that the user data is copied on next logon using ActiveSetup

Answered 07/18/2012 by: piyushnasa
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  • Actually I'm pretty sure you can have SCCM push an MSI in logged on user context. This ofcourse assumes that

    1) there is a logged on user, so the settings for the push should be correct. I believe there's an 'install for user' setting for the application in SCCM 2012
    2) the MSI allows for installation by a limited user, so it would only be installing to locations where said user has the right to install..and also an ALLUSERS setting of 2..
  • SCCM 2007 can run a program as the current users credentials if needed.
  • @piyushnasa. It is news to me that an MSI can only be run with elevated privileges. I have many examples of MSI installs that can run in user context without elevated privileges.
    • MSIs that write only to user context folders/keys or to system folders/keys?
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Totally forgot about this question until I got an email saying that somebody answered it.

Since this has been such a long time ago I've learned so much since then. This is what I did...

I now use Powershell and I did up a script that did what I needed to do.

#1: Did up a powershell script that did the following.
A: Pushes the MSI
B: The scripts then edits and/or adds the correct registry entries so that it works with any user that logs in.

Powershell has helped me with so many other issues. If your an SCCM Admin, or use other ways to "push" software and are not using it. I highly recommend learning it.

Thanks everybody for helping me think out the procedure and ideas on where to go.


Answered 08/03/2015 by: DMKadarr
Senior Yellow Belt

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