I am working on an XP to 7 64-bit migration.

Post base SOE install, next Tier applications are deployed via AD groups and discovery.
I have certain applications that won't run on Win 7 and I need to automate the upgrade path.
Programs are set to run on either XP or Win 7 platforms only.
Main software products are re-packaged for Win 7.

I want to automate the upgrades - be it using Conditions in a TS or another way ... open to suggestions here!

As an example Acrobat 7 won't run on Win 7 so I want SCCM or AD or ? to know that if the hostname resides in the Acrobat 7 AD group to install Acrobat XI

OR even to change Acrobat 7 to IMakePDFs v1 *fictional of course

Has anyone else done this successfully and if so .. how?

By running two Programs under a Package? or did it need to be done by manually moving the hosts or by scripting the AD group moves?

Am open to ideas / friendly discussion : )



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You can manage this with dynamic collections, a much easier way than conditioning your package/program e.g.:

Windows 7 OS (OS collection based on OS reported)

Windows XP OS (OS collection based on OS reported)

Acrobat 7 AD group (another collection, dynamic based on AD group membership)

Create two new collections:

(Win7 AcrobatXI) If member of Windows 7 OS collection and member of Acrobat 7 AD group - Advertise Acrobat XI to collection.

(WinXP Acrobat7) If member of Windows XP OS collection and member of Acrobat 7 AD group - Advertise Acrobat 7 to collection.

You can then clear off your XP based collections and adverts when everyone is on Windows 7.

That's the way I'd do it, so I hope that helps with what you're trying to achieve - there any many different ways to achieve the same end result, but this way you don't have to change your existing programs, just control where they go to.


Answered 11/06/2013 by: dunnpy
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  • Thank you, simplifies my idea : )
    Will try that way as it makes sense
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I am also considering using DCM - has anyone done this to upgrade software packages?

Answered 11/06/2013 by: mj@acp.com.au
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