I am trying to install SAS 9.2 application. Initially i have created SAS software depot from the provided CD disks.

After that I am running setup.exe from the SAS software depot folder. During installation i need to select 3 features i.e; SAS Management Console,SAS Web Infrastructure Client and SAS/SECURE Windows Client Components.

After that, I have choosen the proper license fie from sid_files folder. Then choosen path C:\Program Files\Java\jre\ for java runtime environment. Then when i click on Next, it prompts me to insert the Disk 1.

I have browsed to SAS source folder on the machine but no luck, installation will not proceed.

Kindly help me in this.


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  • I've had issues with 9.2 with the installation not defining the path correctly (program files vs program files (x86). I seem to remember it had to do with the different versions of SAS ie 32bit vs 64bit. Which one are you trying to install? It seems to be fixed in 9.3.
  • I am trying to install 32bit version.
  • Looks like the creation of the software depot has failed. In creating the sofware depot an admin-install is run and files are prepped to run from the network in stead of the CD source.
    In this action the sourcepath for the files should change from CD(1) to .\local, a relative path reachable from the setup.exe that's placed on the software depot.

    Another issue can be (though unlikely) that the sofware depot subfolders are not accessible for the account you use in the installation process.

    Have you instructed msiexec to kick out maximum loging (set via regfile /l voicewarmup) Might give additional hints.
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