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Hi all,
i need to update about 500 old SAP Gui Clients to version 7.10 worldwide. What is the best way to do this? We use Altiris for software distribution. A SAP Installation Server is not present yet.

thank you
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What is the best way to do thisIn terms of what? Do you have the 7.10 package ready to go? Are you enquiring about network impact? Or how to set up Altiris to do the deployment? Too vague...
Answered 10/01/2009 by: VBScab
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Ok sorry for the short text.
I have created a compressed 7.10 setup with the SAP Admin tool. It has about 120mb. I tried to install it over a 6.20 installation. It has finished successfully. My problem is that under Add/Remove Software the SAP GUI 6.20 is still listed as a installed software. So it seems that the 7.10 package will not remove the old version. I don't want to use the normal sap setup.exe because in this case i have to copy the hole sap source to any computer. We will use Altiris Software Delivery for that. I read about the possibility to do a an automatic update within the SAP GUI. Therefore it is neccassary to link the workstation to a installation server. Is this possible when a GUI wasn't installed with a installation server?

Thank you
Answered 10/01/2009 by: seby
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Hi, first i copied the installation sources to the Deployserver, i started an installation from the Source built a package and patched it (patchlevel 13) at last i created a setup.inf file, in this file the i use the "AskUninstallOld" and it removed the old version
Answered 10/13/2009 by: goldi158
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is it really not removing the old ver (are there still files under c:\sap and are there working shortcuts)? or did it just leave the cpl entry. if the latter use the post install in the 7.10 setup to delete it. if the former you'll have to find out why it's not removing it. if removal not supported then you'll have to come up with code to remove it
Answered 10/14/2009 by: aogilmor
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How did you deploy 6.20? We did a capture of 6.2 but used SAP's proprietary tools for 7.10 so we still had to remove the old package with our deployment system before pushing out 7.10. I found in testing that 7.10 will upgrade the components of a 6.20 install but if an old advertised shortcut was still around from the old package (and someone ran it) it would repair and break 7.10.

Best to try and remove the old one first rather than using the upgrade feature, when customising your SAP 7.10 package you can add a msiexec uninstall command "before install" if you have manual installs of 6.20.

Answered 10/14/2009 by: Toothman
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