How do I get K100 to tell me JUST WHAT NEEDS licences rather than a whole list of everything discovered 
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  • I don't think that the K1000 knows what software requires a license or not. Are you using license assets to track your licenses?
  • Well thats a crap tool if it doesnt do the basics then !! Yes I am tracking all discovered software
    • Can you point to another tool that includes a database of all software and the licensing terms for each individual title? I'd like to see such a tool.
      • How do I know what I dont Know ? All I want is a tool that says this is freeware or this needs a licence rather than guessing
      • My point is that you are asking for something that you feel is "basic" but you can't point out any tools that provide that functionality. I have been providing software support for over 15 years and licensing issues have always been an issue. I have never seen a tool that contains a database of licensing terms and yet you are deriding the K1000 because it doesn't include that functionality.
  • My point is I asked a question and requested assistance and got you instead
  • PS I wasnt deriding anything - just simply required a helping hand
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