Another one I covered during my support call yesterday. Again, not much written up on this, so hopefully this can help someone.


Running Postinstallation Tasks Manually

Facilitates running postinstallation tasks manually without having to go through entire scripted install

* use to save time while troubleshooting postinstallation tasks

* can change postinstall tasks in a scripted install (i.e. change order, adjust, etc),
save scripted install, and then follow the steps below to test effectiveness

* particularly ideal in concurrence with virtual machine
* snapshots & ability to roll back to pre-postinstallation state

From the target machine (for all steps below):

1) Complete the scripted install, to the point of postinstallation tasks (or where they break)
* reboot as necessary to clear stuck installs/processes

2) Browse to K2000 oemfiles directory:

3) Determine folder used for scripted install
* K2000 - Deployments - Scripted Installations - click on target name

* path in browser's address field will reflect \\ikbox\peinst\oemfiles\#
* i.e. http://ikbox/setup_detail?boot_image_id=5
= \\ikbox\peinst\oemfiles\5

4) Copy these files into C:\Windows\System32 to avoid path issues:

* cmdhide.exe, kb2kping.exe, kdevpath.exe, watchdsp.exe

5) Copy contents of $OEM$\$1 folder to C: on target machine
* i.e. \\ikbox\peinst\oemfiles\5\$OEM$\$1 (KACE folder & kcleanup.exe)

* Note
* \\ikbox\peinst\oemfiles\#\slipstream is used for drivers


6) Copy \\ikbox\peinst\oemfiles\#\$OEM$\RunOnceEx.cmd to the Desktop on the target machine,
double-click to run, and reboot the target machine

* Notes
* \\ikbox\peinst\oemfiles\#\$OEM$\RunOnceEx.cmd contains all of the commands
that will be injected into the registry and will be scheduled to run following
the reboot prior to the postinstallation tasks

* a script could be setup to facilitate auto-login following the reboot

7) Log back into the target machine and the postinstallation tasks will run
* adjust postinstallation tasks and repeat as necessary

solution provided by Gerald Mack

2011-12-21 - jv
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