I'm trying to figure out how to run my update deployment schedules on the 2nd & 3rd Friday's of each month. The 2nd for my test groups and 3rd for my production groups. The only way I've seen to do this is using the hash character in the cron job like this:

2nd Friday: 0 18 0 * 5#2
3rd Friday: 0 18 0 * 5#3

So, those schedules would run at 6pm, every month, on the 2nd and 3rd Friday of the month. The problem is that the K1000 doesn't support the # character.

Does anyone know how I can write my cron job to deploy on the 2nd and 3rd Friday of each month??

Thanks in advance!
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  • Thanks Rock, one of those links helped me out. I can run every 3rd Friday, just not of every month which is fine for me. Thanks!!
  • Using crontab syntax generator like http://www.crontab-generator.org/ can help you write crontab line easy.
  • bkopec,
    Could you let me know the exact cron syntax you finalized on for running patch jobs on the desired day? I want to run my patch jobs the second Thursday of every month but I'm pretty sure it's not possible with Kace's limited cron support. What did you settle on exactly? Thanks.
  • Hey Ben,
    I actually contacted Kace's tech support on this issue. As it stands, there is no way with the CRON that Kace use's, to specify specific days of the month, like the second Thursday.

    So we are pretty much stuck.

    What I do is activate and deactivate my schedules on the weekends that I am doing my updates.
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Using crontab syntax generator like http://www.crontab-generator.org/ can help you write crontab line easy.
Answered 03/12/2015 by: Fairy
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  • Thx for the link. Also, along with Rock's comment, I have it confirmed from Dell that what I want to do can NOT be done with the version on Cron the K1000 runs.
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You can use cron tab to specify dates but you cannot say the second and third Friday every month. 

Check these 3 links:



Answered 03/03/2015 by: rockhead44
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I have a post for something similar...

You could modify the logic in there to get what you want I think.
Answered 03/03/2015 by: jamie_kace
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  • Thanks for the link Jamie. Your idea is a good one and I'm taking it into consideration.
  • Very nice. I like that thought.
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