I have zipped up a batch file and associated it with a software record. I created a managed installation for this software.

When it deploys onto the users workstation it unzips and puts the batch file into the C:\Program Data\Dell\Kace\Download\6399 folder but does not appear to run the batch file. In the managed install item under installation command I have put the name of the batch file


I cannot see why it will not run ... any ideas ?

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  • For the installation command settings did you:
    Change to "Configure Manually"
    Check the box for "Don't prepend msiexec.exe"

    Also, when you view the contents of the download folder is your batch command in the 6399 folder or is it inside another folder? Depending on how you created the zip file the contents sometimes go into a folder and you need to then specify the folder path as part of the installation command.
  • yes, I did set those but it stilI would not work properly it would not set the system variables correctly so I will do it another way
  • Try putting the batch file in a directory on the network and sends the batch file run the network script.
  • I think the problem is the network drives are not yet mapped when the install runs and they get mapped later in the login process which is what is causing the problem as the batch file does calls' to network drives.
    • You can't reference network drives in a managed install because the install runs as system and the system account doesn't have access to network resources. The best practice is to include all of the files needed for the install with the zip file.
  • yep, tried that, basically what I want to do is copy a file to the users %appdata%\Microsoft\outlook directory so I zipped up the file and a batch file to do the copy which gets downloaded to the kace download directory and unzipped but the file never gets copied to the outlook directory
    • This is also because the managed install runs as system so the %appdata% variable doesn't expand to the logged in user's profile. You could possibly do this with a script set to run as the logged in user.
  • I can get a script to copy the file ok but outlook has to be closed for the file to copy so I needed to use powershell to script the close of outlook which is why I wanted to try and do it with a managed install on login
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