I am sorry but I am a newbie to scripting. I have created a vb script to do an uninstall of an application. I want to target computers and run the script against them and record the output to a file. I know I can put this in a logon script and let it run that way but I really need to target the machines and run it that way.

Does anyone know of a way to run a script agains another computer remotely?

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You could check out PSEXEC from the pstools suite from sysinternals (http://www.sysinternals.com/).

Maybe that will allow you to do what you want...
Answered 05/13/2005 by: Ilikebananas
Purple Belt

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Stolen from: [link]http://cwashington.netreach.net/depo/view.asp?Index=326&ScriptType=vbscript[/link]

NameSpace = "root\cimv2"
Server = "ComputerName or IP"
UserName = "domain\user"
Password = "thePassword"

command = "calc"

Set Locator = CreateObject("WbemScripting.SWbemLocator")

If Err.Number Then
msgbox = Err.description
End If

Set Service = Locator.ConnectServer (Server, NameSpace, UserName, Password)
Service.Security_.impersonationlevel = 3

If Err.Number Then
msgbox = Err.Description & " " & """" & Server & """"
End If

Set Instance = Service.Get("Win32_Process")

If Err.Number then
msgbox = Err.Description
End If

intStatus = Instance.Create(Command, null, null, intProcessId)

If intStatus = 0 Then

If intProcessId < 0 Then
'4294967296 is 0x100000000.
intProcessId = intProcessId + 4294967296
End If

themsg = "Succeeded in executing " & Command & "." & vbCRLF
msgbox themsg & vbcrlf & "The process id is " & intProcessId & "."
msgbox "Failed to execute " & Command & ". " & Err.Description

End If
Answered 06/23/2005 by: Garrett
Orange Belt

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