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Hello all,

OK here is the quick version, We are trying to push out a .msp file to about 40 pcs, using SMS, but we installed from an admin image on a mapped drive (under an admin id) so when ever we try to run the patch it tries to look at the original msi file and can't see it so the update fails. Is there an easy way to refer the msp to look at the msi file in a different location?
IE msiexec /update \\server\....msp /???(the switch I am looking for) \\server\...msi

I know I can edit the registry and change the original source file locations, but I would rather not do that.

We would rather not push the entire package back out (the patched admin image) as it is over 3gb in size. Tha Admin image will update the users install, but we are looking for a less network intensive option.

Thank you in advance

Sorry if this is an easy question, I am brand new to deploying software, I learn quick but this one has been eluding me all day.
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If you are running MSIEXEC 3.0 or better you do not need the source files.
Answered 02/16/2006 by: kkaminsk
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This is an interesting question, one thing I wonder is why cant the windows installer find the path from where the package was being installed?, have the server changed name??

If this is the cast the easiest way is to first change the path to the msi file in the registy,


The run the patch.
Answered 02/16/2006 by: fetgor
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KKaminsk, this is a 3rd party app (Solidworks) and when running the patch it requires the admin image that the version you are upgrading from to be available.

Fetgor, the software was installed as a diffrent user with admin rights (with a drive mapped to the server and share), we are now trying to push the patch out with SMS, to save us from having to visit 40 desktops, and the users don't map this share or drive. Yes we can change the reg entry, but we are trying to avoid that if possiable.

Answered 02/17/2006 by: bilbo6209
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