One of our customers have a network devided into 2 network segments. 192.168.X.X and 10.5.X.X. There is no routing between these subnets.

One of the windows server has 2 LAN interfaces, one is connected to 192.168.X.X and the second one to 10.5.X.X. Without messing with any external routing i want to forward predefined network traffic (for example www.google.nl) from the 10.X to the 192.X network interface using the windows server. We cannot place any routing of trafic forwarding device within the network itself.

The 10.5.X.X network does not have direct access to the internet, except a predefines cloud hosted citrix environment. The rest of the internet is blocked which cannot be changed.

Can we use specific (proxy or routing) software on the windows server to forward this traffic without causing the citrix traffic being impacted.

The purpose is to be able to remotely connect (third party software) to the clients within the 10.5.X.X network from an external location using public internet. Specifically using the windows server.

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  • This is what the Routing and RAS service is for...

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