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I am a first time poster here, thank you for welcoming me to IT Ninja.

Without getting into all the detail I will summarize how I got to where we are.

The installer agent that we pushed out to via a click and download installed an empty amp.config file causing the endpoint to not be added to the console.  When we go into the machines manually and perform the below the endpoint checks in.

Now our question is, can and how do we build a batch file that users can click and run to essentially replace or update the amp.config file.  We would manually do this, but unfortunatly we now have 600+ endpoints that have already installed the agent that is not working.

All machines are running Windows 7 Pro

1.    CMD admin: c:\Program Data (x86)\Dell\KACE
2.    CMD admin: amptools.exe stop
3.    Explore window to replace amp conf file in c:\programdata\Dell\Kace
4.    CMD admin in directory above: amptools.exe start
5.    CMD admin in directory above: amptools.exe restart

Thank you very much in advance!

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  • Just out of curiosity what version of Kbox are you using? in 6.3 amp uses auto_amp.conf. This may be the reason the amp.conf file is blank.
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For a number of customers that have experienced this issue has used a GPO to correct the amp.conf file. 
Answered 03/03/2015 by: KACE_Mary
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  • Kace_Mary-- We are not on a domain.
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If they are not in a domain and they all have a common account you can use pstools - psexec to push to all machines using a txt file containing the machine names
Answered 03/03/2015 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • 90% have a common account. I don't think that pstools makes it easy for 600 users.
    • if you have the machine names you create a txt file and run psexec calling the file and it is hands off at that point. You just need to create the txt file.
      • psexec @machines.txt -i -accepteula -u administrator -p password -d "c:\program files (x86)\dell\kace\amptools.exe host=yourk1000name"
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You may be able to just reset the hostname using "c:\program files (x86)\dell\kace\amptools.exe host=yourk1000name".

It stops the service, sets the host and then restarts the service.  If you are using a batch file, I'd recommend forcing a check-in after it with "c:\program files (x86)\dell\kace\runkbot 4 0".
Answered 03/04/2015 by: jknox
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