I have a few files to get the microsoft telemetry and advanced windows analytics working in office365. To prep the machine, there is a RUNCONFIG.BAT which must run under system. It calls a PS1 file.

Normally, if this resulted in a software being installed, i would just zip everything up and put it under managed software installations.

This doesn't result in software being deployed, so I don't know what to do here. I want it to copy these files to the machines, and run the runconfig.bat


any guidance is appreciated!
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Why not use a script.

Zip the files up and upload it as a dependency. (Files...NOT the folder).

Then use the "Launch a program " option  in the tasks.

I believe the "dependencies" get downloaded to the kace

folder on the machine before they get run as system. So no need to copy.

The folder in windows is........"C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\kbots_cache\packages".

You can check it.

Answered 10/06/2017 by: akmagnum
Red Belt

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How are you calling the powershell script? The below line works for me from a .bat fileĀ in various deployments:

%SystemRoot%\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell -nologo -executionpolicy bypass -noprofile -file script.ps1

You may want to put in the full path to the script.

Answered 10/11/2017 by: AndyH
Senior White Belt

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