I am trying to install Righfax client 10 silently through SCCM but it does not work for Win7. Manual installation worked fine for me.

I tried with psexec.exe and scheduling a task but nothing works, seems the issue is when the app is installed with system account. 

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Ensure that ALLUSERS property value is 1

Answered 09/13/2012 by: jagadeish
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This is what I did for rightfax 10, we don't really support win7 yet but it seemed to install and run ok.

Also please post what isn't working, we can't help if you just say "it don't work".  Does it not launch?, does start install then stop right away, no files/reg applied etc.

Below are my notes for package.  It is geared towards using InstallShield to create an mst.  There is a dll replacement provided by vendor that may not apply to you.   I also added code to upgrade previous versions which also may not apply to you.

I do recall having issues if I did not set both configfaxutil properties, like regutils missing from systray etc.


Setup Design (Features and Components):


  1. Change Install Level to 300 for the following Features
    1. EFM
    2. OutlookAdvancedAddIn
    3. Outlook
    4. AutoReply
    5. REASON:  These are not default features installed, this will ensure they are not installed.  Outlook features require outlook, they were removed since most computers do not have it.


Files and Folders:


  1. Replace RFExtAB.dll file (CustomFiles)
    1. Component: SharedFiles_rfextab.dll
    2. Make Key
    3. Uncompressed.




  1. Remove all desktop shortcuts
    1. Reason: EDS Standard Procedure

  2. Rename OpenText folder in programs to “RightFax”
    1. REASON: For some reason they changed it from RightFax, changed it back for ease of use.



  1. None


Custom Actions


  1. RemoveExistingProducts (not custom, but edit to standard action)
    1. Moved from near end of Installation/Execute sequence to AFTER InstallValidate action
    2. REASON:  This will force uninstall of old/upgraded near the beginning of install of this MSI (so you see remove old products messages during install, also a bit cleaner even if less efficient).


Setup Properties:


  1. Add/Edit ALLUSERS=1
    1. Reason: Forces app to install per machine – EDS Standard Procedure

    1. REASON:  This will install/configure the rightfax printer.  NOTE:  This property will set the NETID to 2 (NT Authority) for the user that installs the msi, every other user will have whatever NETID is set by that property below.  This does not cause issue with SCCM deployment cause it installs with SYSTEM acct.

    1. REASON: This will setup faxutil, if property is missing the faxutil option will not be available when you click on the tray icon.

    1. REASON: As per vendor doc: Sets RF server name

    1. REASON: As per vendor doc: Disables run from setup.exe check

  6. SecureCustomProperties= HC_REMOVE_930; HC_REMOVE_940
    1. REASON:  This property is needed to build the major upgrade(s)

  7. Product Name=RightFax Client
    1. REASON: Just a rename to clean it up a bit

  8. NETID=1
    1. REASON:  This sets the Logon Method to Use Network ID, instead of the default use NT auth…  In previous versions reg edit was required, but with 10 it is a property.


Direct Editor:


  1. Upgrade Table
    1. Upgrade 9.3

                                                              i.      Upgrade Code: {C5916576-7567-403A-ACCC-955E24FC3F77}

                                                            ii.      VersionMax: 9.30

                                                          iii.      Attribute: 512

                                                          iv.      Action Property: HC_REMOVE_930

                                                            v.      REASON:   Vendor did not configure upgrade at all, this is custom to upgrade from 9.30.000 during install of this msi.

    1. Upgrade 9.4

                                                              i.      Upgrade Code: {96FCCCFF-AC83-4806-A288-F38108CE1AE8}

1.      REASON: Got from previous 9.4… version

                                                            ii.      VersionMin: 9.30

                                                          iii.      VersionMax:

                                                          iv.      Attribute: 512

                                                            v.      Action Property: HC_REMOVE_940

                                                          vi.      REASON:   Vendor did not configure upgrade at all, this is custom to upgrade from during install of this msi.

Answered 09/13/2012 by: dandirk
Third Degree Green Belt

  • Excellent Solutions .It worked for me. Installing MSI with all these public properties will install the whole product properly .
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Can you utilize a windows account like a service account with SCCM?  I just tried it on my K1000 and it worked, but it's using my KACE service account which is a domain account that is part of my workstation administrators group.  I tested it using a known good Right Fax 10 install package I built for XP.  It looks like it is functioning just fine on Windows 7.


Answered 09/12/2012 by: awingren
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