Does anyone know what must be present in the select query for the "Results are tickets, add a comment to each one" feature to work?  Although the box is checked, my comments never show up in the tickets.  
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  • At a minimum I believe you need to return HD_TICKET.ID. Have you turned on the option to send the query results to an email to make sure it is matching the tickets you expect?
    • Chuck, in my select query I do have HD_TICKET.ID as ticknum. Perhaps I need it just as HD_TICKET.ID? The custom ticket rule also sends out an email which does work. I wanted to record within the ticket that the rule was activated.
      • Yes, I think there needs to be a column named ID returned. I know that KACE uses this in the <ticket_ids> variable that you can use in the update query and I'm assuming it uses the same method to add a comment to each ticket.
  • Chuck - that did it! Thanks again for your help!
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