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How do I restrict the execution of a given script to a given label?
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  • Can you revise your question text to make it clearer that you mean restricting to users and not devices?
  • yes, of course

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Have you tried setting it up with a smart label? You would just include the label you want to restrict that script to that smart label. And add the smart label to the script.

Make sure the script would have a schedule too, or it will not deploy via smart label.

Answered 05/18/2018 by: feeldamped
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  • My idea is to restrict access to scripts.

    Example: I have a team of IT Analysts who can not execute script 01. But I can not make the restriction.
You can restrict access for specific scripts to specific users in Service Desk > User Downloads. I think this only works through the the "User Portal" interface and not the admin interface, but I'm not sure. That is, technicians can kick off scripts from the User Portal when they are on the targeted computer and not using the "Run Now" function, but I would have to test that.
Answered 05/29/2018 by: JasonEgg
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  • Yes, the problem would be for certain users to use certain scripts with Run Now
    • AFAIK this can't be done. You can restrict users to only be able to run any script on certain computers, but not restrict users to run only certain scripts (expect with the "User Portal" method I mentioned above).
      Here are two feature request pages that you might want to check out: