I'm looking for a report on the current state of my software distributions. Something like:


 SoftwareTargetted Installed Pending Failed 
Adobe Reader 25 12 
Java Runtime 25 15 
 Anyone made anything similar who might be able to help on the SQL?



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  • Here are some reports that will help:

    The question is more difficult to answer than you may initially think due to the way things are tracked in the database.
    Getting the targetted machines involves going through multiple labels, those which are added to each managed install and a hidden label. When individual machines are added to a MI they get assigned a hidden label for that MI.

    Tracking installed would need to be a subtraction of targetted - pending - failed, since the database doesn't actually track once an MI succeeds, except by looking at the installed software table.

    The MI_ATTEMPTS table tracks the number of attempts and while the number of attempts is less than or equal to the number of times the MI should try it will be in that table, but not until the first attempt is made. Because of this, the Pending number needs to include both those that have had at least one attempt (but haven't yet failed) and those that haven't had any attempts, yet.
  • So... bad database design = not possible (without the Manhattan Project level of effort). *sigh* I'm surprised that not many people ask for reports like this. I come from an SCCM world and it seems like this is exactly the kind of information you get a software management system for.
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