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We have a dummy user that we assign tickets to until they are assigned to a permanent tech. I need to get a report that will show me the tickets that we assigned to this dummy user, and then had their category changed from blank to not blank. Can someone help me?
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  • Just to be clear, you want a report that shows tickets assigned to dummy that are assigned to a category? That should be possible using the report wizard, unless I misunderstand what you want.
  • Sort of...I was trying to see how many tickets were assigned to the dummy account with no category initially.
  • So I am looking to do something similar.
    I need a report that tells me when an emailed ticket (which sits in the unassigned queue in Kace) is assigned to a queue or person.
    We have an SLA that an email must be assigned within 2 hours but I am struggling to find a report that will so me this Stat.
  • What is the default category for the queue? As far as I know you can't create a ticket without a category, even if the category is listed as "Unknown".

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