Hi ITNinja folks

I have created a "Babylon 10 translator" package using the
"Babylon package builder". This creates a ready to deploy
MSI package for Babylon with all the settings and licence keys
incorporated into the MSI.
Now I need to changes some setting and redeploy the same
Will the new package be seen by kace as a new software
to be deployed? (I hope so with all my heart !!!).
But I worry that the kace might see the version and license
key as the same, overlook the slight changes in the
setting......and not redeploy the new package.
How does this work? Will I have to uninstall Babylon from
hundreds of PC's before redeploying the slight changes I
have made.
Someone mentioned something about creating "transform files" for MSI.
Ring any bells??

Help would be appreciated.

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A transform is normally for customising an existing MSI and can ONLY be applied at install time. So once the MSI is installed you cannot add the transform.

What settings are you changing?? are you using the Babylon package builder again??
This question is really about how good the Babylon package builder is. I would recommend removing your first package before deploying the new package

MSI's have GUIDs inside that are managed by WindowsInsatller (msiexec), ProductCode, UpgradeCode and PackageCode. You can manage MSI's and updates by using UpgradeCodes and ProductVersion values to maintain installs.

I think the Babylon tool is going to just create a new MSI and it will install over the top of the existing one, meaning if you then remove the first MSI, you will probably break the 2nd MSI. If its a good MSI, it might self repair, but again, I doubt it.

It will be easy for you to test though, just install you 2nd MSI on a machine that already has the first MSI. (do yourself a favour, do a log file of the install)

Good luck.

Answered 12/17/2015 by: Badger
Red Belt

  • Thanks badger. I figured as much.
    Cheers mate.
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