Hi all,

I have successfully repackaged Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0.1 with customized settings using all freely available tools. Perhaps the information posted here will help others.

Tools you need:

Full install of Acrobat Reader 6.0.1 (AdbeRdr60_enu_full.exe)
InstallShield Tuner for Acrobat (tuner601acrobat.exe; currently downloadable from here)
Microsoft's Orca MSI table editor tool (available in the Windows Installer SDK)

First, I ran the AdbeRdr60_enu_full.exe executable. It will extract itself to %SystemRoot%\Cache\Adobe Reader 6.0\ENUBIG. I copied the contents of this folder to C:\READER\ORIGINAL, then canceled the installation.

Next, I made a copy of this original installation folder to C:\READER\TUNER.

Next, I installed the Tuner tool and ran it. The initial file browse dialog is looking for the ITW file in the distribution. I chose the C:\READER\TUNER\RDR60ENU.ITW file.

Inside the Tuner tool, I chose Create a new transform in the left pane. In the right pane, I clicked Browse and selected the Adobe Reader 6.0.1.msi file. For the transform, I used the filename C:\READER\TUNER\CORP.MST and clicked Create.

Next, I customized the transform. I selected Preferences under Application Configuration. I then picked the Update tab and selected both options to disable updates and advertisements.

Then I chose File, Save inside the Tuner tool to save the .MST file, and closed the Tuner tool.

Now, C:\READER\ORIGINAL contained the original distribution, and C:\READER\TUNER contained the distribution along with the transform file (and some other associated files) that the Tuner tool created.

Next, I opened Orca and browsed to the .MSI file located in the Tuner directory. I chose Transform, Apply Transform and applied the RDR60.MST file (the customizations made by the Tuner tool require this transform also). I then choose File, Save to save the transformed MSI file (I used the name AR601.MSI). I closed this MSI file (File, Close) and opened it again (I didn't need to see all the modifications made by the RDR60.MST transform). To apply the CORP.MST transform, I chose Transform, Apply Transform again and chose the CORP.MST file.

To avoid the need to click the Accept when Acrobat Reader starts, I selected the EnterpriseRegistry table and added the following row (Tables, Add Row):

EnterpriseRegistry: DisableAccept
Feature_: Reader_Bin_Acrobat
RootKey: 2
SubKey: Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\6.0\AdobeViewer
Type: 4
Name: EULA
Value: 1
Condition: 7B44

Next, I browsed to the Shortcut table. I right-clicked on both of the PRINTME shortcuts and chose Drop Row. I also deleted the description for the Reader_PM_SC shortcut (which, for some reason, is set to the string ADOBER~1.0|Adobe Reader 6.0).

I then saved this .MSI file to a new .MSI file (I used the name CORP.MSI), and closed Orca. Now, the CORP.MSI contained the transforms RDR60.MST and CORP.MST.

Finally, I created a REDIST folder under C:\READER and copied the contents of C:\READER\ORIGINAL into it. To incorporate the customizations, I replaced the Adobe Reader 6.0.1.msi file in the REDIST folder with the CORP.MSI file created by Orca, above. The customization also requires the Aiod.cab file, so I copied this file from the TUNER to the REDIST folder as well.

I hope these notes are helpful for others that need to deploy Acrobat Reader 6.0.1 in a more automated fashion.

Bill Stewart
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Thanks Bill.....I'm sure our readers will get lots of use from your post.

btw...I suggest you plan an upgrade to Reader 6.02 which is a patch for 6.01 and contains a security exploit patch.
Answered 12/16/2004 by: MSIMaker
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Hi Jim,

I didn't realize there was an update.

All I had to do to update my installation was to download the 6.0.2 and apply the transform. Now my package installs as a corporate-customized 6.0.2.

Thanks for making me aware of it.

Bill Stewart
Answered 12/16/2004 by: bstewart
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How about the 6.0.3 update? [;)]


Will it ever end?!
Answered 12/21/2004 by: MSIPackager
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What's starting to annoy me is that they are releasing packages several different ways. To update Acrobat from 6.0.0 to 6.0.1, you have to use a .MSP file, and Acrobat must be installed on the machine (and, for some unknown reason, Acrobat 6.0 Standard won't work as an admin install, so I can't patch it that way). From 6.0.1 to 6.0.2 and 6.0.2 to 6.0.3, you have to install an MSI file (why not a transform?) which adds additional entries to Add/Remove Programs. On top of that, they're not providing a way to jump from 6.0 up to 6.0.3 in one step.

Adobe doesn't seem to have their act together with software updates, which surprises me, because in all other respects I think their software's quality is quite good.

Bill Stewart
Answered 12/21/2004 by: bstewart
Yellow Belt

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