Ok, I have a vendor that does not deliver any msi. The source media is a set of files and
I have used Wise Package Studio for repackaging. Fine, it works well at start.

The software includes a shortcut, placed in Autostart, that polls the external server (vendor server) for
any updates. After any given update, the result is that my msi performs self-repair.

Is there any way to perform a repackaging with WPS, and disable self-repair?
(No, to use DISABLEADVSHORTCUTS is NOT the solution. I have tried it and it does not solve
my problem. The reason is that some parts of the application is not triggered from a shortcut.
Some part are triggered from within the application itself).

Or do you have any other suggestions, for a solution? I can´t remove the update shortcut
from Autostart. The vendor distributes its updated files throgh that application. And the vendor
does not provide any msi at all.

If i could perform a repackaging in WPS, to get a msi without self-repair function, that would be a solution.

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  • Ummm...why not include the update as part of your package? That is, start your capture, execute the set-up stub, then run whatever is being executed in AutoStart, then delete the AutoStart trigger. Finally, stop your capture.
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get rid of the keyfiles if you don't want autorepairs.

Downside is that you loose .....self-repair ;-)
other downside.. your msi is out of sync ( codes, versions etc..)

you could also check the vendor if they provide MSP files or MSI's

That would make a difference. 

Answered 06/03/2013 by: jaybee96
Red Belt

  • I have tried this. But since I dont know what the GUI is doing and what files the GUI is triggering, I dont know exactly which files to remove the keyfiles for.
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Move all the files and keys into 1 Component, and then make keypath for that Componemt. This should stop the repair as it will only check for one key path (and hopefully not repair).

Kinda defeats the point of having a MSI really.


Answered 06/03/2013 by: rileyz
Red Belt

  • This sounds interesting. I can point a file to a new component of my choice. But, since I have 300+ files, is there anyway to do this for all files at one and the same time?
  • Im kinda thinking you should almost move away from a MSI and just use a Zip file with a script for the reg keys.

    Do you need to register any of the files?

    Does the vendor provide a exe?

    In regards to your question, Im not sure in WPS, I havent used it for ages. Sorry!
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What if you remove the Advertised shortcut and create a new shortcut non-advertised?

Answered 06/04/2013 by: terebent
Second Degree Brown Belt

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