Fairly new to SMS 2003, done the M$ 5 day course etc and I've been packaging, in one form or another, for about 5 years and working with SMS for new software installations for about 8 months.

I'm just curious how you deal with the below scenarios:

Application X has been installed from SMS to PC1.
The application corrupts and self repair doesn't come into it with regard to the msi. It just needs a good old fashioned reinstall.

What is the best way to redeploy application X to PC1?

The OS on PC2 is corrupt, SMS OSD can be used to reinstall the OS, but how do you get all of the applications back on?
Once the machine has been rebuilt the SMSID for the machine is different (the machine name stays the same).
Therefore all of the previously advertised applications don't redeploy as it's a different machine as far as SMS is concerned.

What is the best way to rebuild a machine back to it's previous configuration?

Just a bit of background, the outgoing system in use for builds/deployment is CCM, where you can view a machines configuration and if necessary "reintegrate" it - which reinstalls the OS and all of the other apps assigned to it.

As CCM is simple to understand in this respect, how can I setup something comparable (Can I?) so that the helpdesk aren't totally lost when it comes to working with applications and OS builds.

I've been happily installing newly packaged apps with no issues in SMS... it's just now we're coming to build with OSD and have the rare issue with an application that these questions have arisen.


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For the first one, I would have the help desk or someone either remote into the PC or use a tool like the Remote Software Installation Utility to make it a bit easier. If you are dealing with an MSI and the old one is still there then you will need to use the /f command line. Read more about it here.

For the second part, I think most people use some custom solution for handling these issues...I do. In theory, if your software is advertised to PC's that are part of collections based on AD information like Group or OU then eventually the PC will send its information to SMS, the collection will refresh, and any advertised programs will be sent down to the PC. But therein lies the problem with SMS and most management tools today...they are dreadfully slow. So the downtime of a rebuilt PC is increased because the automed loading of software takes so long to happen.

We use a custom web site that contains a list of applications to install for certain lines of business within the organization. Then on rebuild...the techs run a tool that connects to the web service, allows them to select which line of business they are installing for, then downloads and installs the applications in order. It can be automated as well with command line switches. But like I said it's totally custom.
Answered 02/28/2007 by: yarborg
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Thanks for your reply, I get that SMS isn't the best tool for these scenarios - as you've suggested 2 other products [8|]

The problem is that the client has recently paid for SMS 2003 and would expect it to be used for the scenarios.

I know that when you build the OSD recovery disk you can set programs to run post install, so you can kick of software installations that way.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? What is the M$ way of doing this?
I'm currently wading through white papers etc, but it's getting a bit confusing with M$ advocating RIS, WAIK/BDD for Vista deployments.

I've also seen something that recommends BDD + SMS 2003 with ZTI - it seems that Microsoft can't make their minds up.

I'll keep looking and when I find a suitable solution I'll post back to let you know what that is.. in the mean time please feel free to put your two penn'orth into this discussion.


Answered 02/28/2007 by: dunnpy
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What is the best way to redeploy application X to PC1? :

Most (if not all) applications have an uninstall string which can be found in the registry under HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\UNINSTALL.

You may have to dig through all the Class ID's for all the apps.
Somewhere you will find the uninstall string for the app.

Create a script to call this uninstall string.

You could also include that in the same script as the installer, just have it run first with a "wait to complete" option.

What is the best way to rebuild a machine back to it's previous configuration? :

Have the SMS OSD process in place to re-image a machine with all the default apps.
Answered 04/27/2007 by: netjim66
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Oh and once you have the uninstall script, package it and target the machine in SMS and create an advertisement, etc.

In other words, send the uninstaller through SMS.
Answered 04/27/2007 by: netjim66
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