Regrets upgrading 6.4 to 7.1 on K1000, what's your experience been?

I usually don't upgrade our K1000 to the latest release for months. This time around, we wanted to get some of the new features, so I gave it only a few weeks. It's been horrible. We have had huge problems with agents checking in, software not deploying, the user console software library isn't working at all right now, our sql customizations in the helpdesk module broke (luckily one of the engineer who handles this is fast at fixing that stuff).

Support has been extremely slow as well.

Any others with good/bad experiences? Is it just us? We've had KBOX forĀ 9 years, before Dell even owned them. We have never experienced so many problems.

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  • I feel your pain. We are running two boxes with one for help desks only and the other for Inventory. There was an issue upgrading both at the same time since they are using the same license. The inventory box upgraded to 7.0 but failed to upgrade to 7.1. After getting a tether they were able to fix the database schema and the upgrade will be attempted again this weekend. We are still running the 6.4 agent and are planning to upgrade to 7.1 agent.
    Our help desks are still running 6.4. I am curious as to what SQL problems you had from the upgrade and what was the fix? Support is slow to respond, anxious to close tickets and quick to refer us to the uservoice for feedback. Not like the good old days when we could call and get someone that knew the answer! - RichB 3 years ago
  • RichB, the pre-canned helpdesk options don't include anything related to emailing the ticket owner, or the submitter on new ticket creation. We have a few custom ticket rules to handle that on ticket save. None of those emails were sending, no one knew they even had a ticket in queue until they logged into the console. That's sometimes hard to do when they are out and about at other sites. Anyway, they apparently renamed several tables within the database. The final solution...ticket rules had to be re-written. Professional Services, a different group than the regular support team, was very fast to respond once I reached out to them. They were the only ones who could address it. - toolkiks 3 years ago
  • We have had a rough time as well. We waited to upgrade until 7.1 came out (Quest advised us to wait due to the problems with 7.0)

    First try - Upgraded from 6.4 to 7.0... the 7.1 upgrade failed due to DB checks, had to roll back.
    - R&D had to fix the DB
    Second Try - Made it to 7.1. Then Migrated to 3tb OVF.
    - All Agents Dropped off (Cert changed and all agents lost connection) There is a KB over this.
    Had to run a PSexec script to reconnect agents
    - Our user location info was scrubbed from all users and all Parent /Child locations were set to an
    ID of 0
    -Hotfix applied for defect ID K1-19250
    - The Users list would take 10 minutes to return a search result.
    - Any script that was using the File Version verify step stopped working
    - Still finding other problems. Tickets still open with quest. - Desktop Jockey 3 years ago
  • Our 7.0 upgrade failed on our help desk running 6.4 with an open ticket at Quest. The upgrade from 6.4 to 7.0 worked on our Inventory box, however, the upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1 failed. Quest support connected via tether and got our database schema fixed so it was able to upgrade to 7.1. - RichB 3 years ago
  • We have recently renewed out license for KACE and currently have version 6.3.113399. We are planning on upgrading to 7.2. Have more issues been solved with this version.
    Also, what is the upgrade path we would need to follow? Do we need to increment from 6.3>6.4>...7.2? - moorej 3 years ago
    • I haven't installed 7.2, but they have done quite a bit to get our specific issues resolved. We are up and running well for the most part. There are a few quirks to work out, and agent errors, but it hasn't been a show stopper. I believe your path is 6.3->6.4->7.0->7.2. I just tried to look at the support portal, and it is down, so I wasn't able to completely confirm that. - toolkiks 3 years ago
  • Our upgrade to 7.1 included Agent 7.1 and now many of the 6.4 agents are not checking in and won't auto-upgrade! I can't get the newer Agent 7.2 without upgrading the server to 7.2 so am nervous about what might be broken in that upgrade. - RichB 3 years ago
    • Do they check in once, and go offline the rest of the day? That's what we experienced. We use group policy to deploy our agents, and had to modify the startup scripts. I had heard the 7.0 server had a problem with agent check in as well, they had a fix. Supposedly that was resolved in 7.1. Hopefully you have been in touch with support. Looks like the problems continue with 7.x server/agents. - toolkiks 3 years ago

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Posted by: akmagnum 3 years ago
Red Belt

I feel you brother.
Also had HUGE issues with agent not seeing any
of my clients as ACTIVE after the agent  upgrade to 7.0. The agent  was not connecting to the clients
Suddenly 1500 employees did not come to work according to the k1.

Had to get in touch with support for a hotfix that wasn't so hot.
Also several scripts that were working flawlessly in the previous version stopped working or worked partially.

Also scared to upgrade to agent 7.1..... after the issues I had with 7.0

It was a mess.

So you are not alone

Posted by: Cldstrife 3 years ago
Yellow Belt
Hello All,

I am just a lurker here most of the time for info about our K1000. I am glad to read some of these posts about 7.0 and 7.1. We are currently on 6.4 and was hoping to finally goto 7.1. But with all the issues everyone is having, it is better to wait longer. I was afraid of these issues after Quest acquired KACE. Does anyone know if any of the senior tech are still there? I still have a business card from meeting one at Dell World 2015. 



  • I've finally been in touch with one of the senior techs to get these issues resolved, but I did not ask how long she has been around. I expect she moved over from Dell. Since you have that card from only 2 years ago, there's a good chance those individuals are still around. - toolkiks 3 years ago
Posted by: kbigelow80 3 years ago
White Belt
7.0/7.1 upgrade absolutely sucked. Still does.  E-mail basically stops working, we got it working again but rebuilding all of the settings from scratch and altering how we were doing it before (authenticate vs unauthenticated) but we still experience random issues where emails get stuck.  I would NOT recommend the upgrade unless you have a dev environment to test in.
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