We have tried to use the following task to force a system reboot during a scripted installation. This task was built from the Kace Knowledge Article 111380.

 Due to the Free Fall Sensor for the E6440 requiring a restart we want to try to impliment a restart as soon as the system starts after entering Audit Mode. We are speculating that the driver is not fully installing because it is requiring that restart. We can install the driver manually and a restart is required in that instance as well.

We have narrowed the 'hang' to this task that causes the system to display a black background w/ an active cursor. To do this we removed all other tasks to isolate. When this task is not in our installation plan then the system doesn't hang.

Can someone reflect this same condition if you are experiencing it and if there is a better way to implement? We are currently on 3.5.80613 and don't have any plans as of yet to upgrade to 3.6.98680 which we understand to have a reboot option (if needed).


Current 'Reboot 1' task

Type: BAT script

Runtime Environment: Windows

taskkill /f /IM runonce.exe
shutdown -f -r -t 1
ping -n 30

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  • Just curious, why don't you want to upgrade to 3.6? It's better in every single way and allows for much more to be done.
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