Hi, we have K1000 installed on a virtual machine. When I have to reboot the machine, it takes a very long time (yesterday more than 30 minutes) and the same happened when I upgraded to K100 v6. Is there something I can do to improve and reduce these times ? Do I have to work on log files ? Where ?

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Andrea Gennari

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  • For us it takes a long time because our database is huge, and the K1 does a table check as one of the last things during bootup. What does the console show during the 30 minute period?
  • I too was curious about this and asked Dell support the last time I was on a call with them. My database is around 160 MB and it take about 25 minutes to reboot. They said this was normal and there was not much of a means to improve it. One thing I would like to try is loading my K1 data into a VK1 and see if the boot times are improved or even different. Without anything in it, the VK1 takes about 2-5 minutes to start up. Assuming it checks the tables on start up, I am thinking it wouldn't make a big difference, though the newer hardware might help a bit.
    • If you have access to the console, you can do a ctrl+c during the table check to cancel it. Probably not recommended, but it gets your K1 back up and running immediately.
  • Thank you very much.
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One thought would be to reboot with the extended database check to make sure there are no DB issues.

A second would be to add more resources to the VK1000.  The support site recommends 4 cores and 4GB of RAM.  I'd suggest following the hardware specs based on the number of agents that you have checking in.

If you still have issues, submit a support ticket and have KACE support take a look.
Answered 11/12/2014 by: jknox
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