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Question concerning silent install of WS_FTP, and the path for setup.exe

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I'm trying to perform a silent install of WS_FTP  They have some documentation on this here: http://docs.ipswitch.com/WS_FTP%20124/ReleaseNotes/English/index.htm?k_id=ipswitch_com_ftp_documents_worldwide_ws_ftppro124releasenotesenglish#link12

During my KACE install and even outside of KACE, the install FAILS unless I specify the full path to setup.exe and setup.iss.  For example, if I run this command outside of KACE from an admin command prompt "c:\wsftp12.4.1.1\wsftp_install.exe" -s -f1"c:\wsftp12.4.1.1\setup.iss" SERIAL="1X4CF7M10W33XS1OVCCW2ST" it works, but if I run the command "wsftp_install.exe" -s -f1"setup.iss" SERIAL="1X4CF7M10W33XS1OVCCW2ST" while in c:\wsftp12.4.1.1 it fails.  

I've done other .exe/.iss installs via KACE, and they all work without having to specify the full path to the .exe and .iss files.  All I have to do with those is "setup.exe" -s -f1 "setup.iss" and it works.  I guess WS_FTP is just special like that.  I have the .exe and .iss files zipped up and at the root of the zip file, just like in the working .exe/.iss install I have in KACE.  I've tried deleting the ", deleting the space after f1 like it mentions in the guide, running it as a .bat file, but nothing seems to work unless I specify the full path to each file.

My question is if I have an install like this, how do I specify the full path to the files from KACE?  I guess could copy the files to the machine first, then run another command pointed at them, then delete them after, but who wants to mess with all of that?

I tried using the script variables here: http://www.itninja.com/blog/view/kace-quick-reference-to-scripts-variables  I entered in $(KACE_INSTALL) for the path but it did not work.  I assume these are for reporting/helpdesk and are no good for scripted installs however.

This is a list of things I've tried:
From KACE via install a software package, with zip file containing .exe and .iss uploaded under inventory, software, wsftp12.4.1.1:
"wsftp12.4.1.1.exe"  WORKS
"wsftp12.4.1.1.exe" -s  FAILS
"wsftp12.4.1.1.exe" -S  FAILS
"wsftp12.4.1.1.exe" /s  FAILS
"wsftp12.4.1.1.exe" /S  FAILS
"wsftp12.4.1.1.exe" -s -f1"setup.iss"  FAILS
"wsftp12.4.1.1.exe" -s -f1"setup.iss" SERIAL="XXXXXXXXXXXX" FAILS
"%~dp0wsftp12.4.1.1.exe" -s -f1"%~dp0setup.iss"  FAILS

From admin command prompt local on the machine while in c:\wsftp12.4.1.1:
wsftp12.4.1.1.exe  WORKS
wsftp12.4.1.1.exe -s  FAILS
"wsftp12.4.1.1.exe" -s  FAILS
wsftp12.4.1.1.exe -s  -f1setup.iss  FAILS
"wsftp12.4.1.1.exe" -s  -f1"setup.iss"  FAILS
c:\wsftp12.4.1.1\wsftp12.4.1.1.exe -s  FAILS
"c:\wsftp12.4.1.1\wsftp12.4.1.1.exe" -s  FAILS
"c:\wsftp12.4.1.1\wsftp12.4.1.1.exe" -s  -f1"setup.iss"  FAILS
"c:\wsftp12.4.1.1\wsftp12.4.1.1.exe" -s  -f1"c:\wsftp12.4.1.1\setup.iss"  WORKS
c:\wsftp12.4.1.1\wsftp12.4.1.1.exe -s  -f1c:\wsftp12.4.1.1\setup.iss  WORKS
%~dp0wsftp12.4.1.1.exe -s  -f1%~dp0setup.iss  FAILS
wsftp12.4.1.1.exe -s  -f1%~dp0setup.iss  FAILS
c:\wsftp12.4.1.1\wsftp12.4.1.1.exe -s  -f1%~dp0setup.iss  FAILS
c:\wsftp12.4.1.1\wsftp12.4.1.1.exe -s  -f1"%~dp0setup.iss"  FAILS
"c:\wsftp12.4.1.1\wsftp12.4.1.1.exe" -s  -f1"%~dp0setup.iss"  FAILS

From admin command prompt local on the machine while in c:\wsftp12.4.1.1, running install.bat file, with this in the install.bat file:
"%~dp0wsftp12.4.1.1.exe" -s -f1"%~dp0setup.iss"  WORKS
%~dp0wsftp12.4.1.1.exe -s -f1%~dp0setup.iss  WORKS

From KACE via run a batch file, with zip file containing .exe and .iss as a dependency:
%~dp0wsftp12.4.1.1.exe -s -f1%~dp0setup.iss  FAILS
"%~dp0wsftp12.4.1.1.exe" -s -f1"%~dp0setup.iss"  FAILS
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Finally got this working.

I had to create a install.bat file and zip it up along with the exe and iss file.  I then had to upload the zip file under inventory, software, Ipswitch WS_FTP 12, saving it as an associated file.

I then had to create a script with the install a software package option, select Ipswitch WS_FTP 12, and write install.bat for the install arg.

This is what I put in the install.bat in the zip file:  "%~dp0wsftp12.4.1.1.exe" -s -f1"%~dp0setup.iss"  Serial number was added later and works.

You must have the install.bat zipped up with the other files for this to work.  If you try to add a run a batch file option within KACE using "%~dp0wsftp12.4.1.1.exe" -s -f1"%~dp0setup.iss" as the contents it will fail.
Answered 06/25/2015 by: edwimb
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Simple: use "%~DP0" as a prefix to your filenames. You don't need a trailing slash, so:

"%~dp0wsftp_install.exe" -s -f1"%~dp0setup.iss" SERIAL="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Thanks for sharing your serial number, too!

Answered 06/25/2015 by: VBScab
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  • I actually found some posts talking about that and tried it yesterday. It works if I do it locally from the command prompt but not if I do it from KACE.

    The serial number is a dummy one from the users guide, thanks for playing.
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